Viewing Completed Orders

Viewing Completed Orders

  • Completed orders of the relevant restaurant with x-api-key, x-api-secret and x-api-consumer information You can withdraw from

  • The request should be sent with the GET method.


Request Header Parameters

x-api-keyAPI key of your accountstring
x-api-secretAPI Secret key of your accountstring
x-api-consumerIntegrator restaurant/company namestring

Required Parameters

pageNumber of Pagesint
startDateStart Datestring
includeCancelledCondition for inclusion of canceled ordersboolean
orderTypeType of Orderstring


When creating the request, you should consider the following restrictions.

  • In the parameters, the start date should be sent in the format startDate yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss. Returns orders within 24 hours if sent empty. Must be sent in UTC time zone. For example, for the 18:00 start date from Turkey, a request should be sent with the date 15:00.
  • In order to include canceled orders, you must send the includeCancelled parameter to true.
  • By default, the orderType parameter contains orders with all order types. When sending multiple orderType parameters, you must separate them with commas. You can find order types here.
  • Up to 100 order objects can be displayed in each response. If the TotalCount parameter is more than 100 in the displayed object, by changing the Page parameter, you can see the other orders on the next page.
Example Request
Example Response
   "Message":"İşlem Başarılı",
         "status":"Sipariş Alındı",
         "integrationRestaurantName":"Çörek otu",
            "customerName":"Baver Bölüm",
               "productName":"Türk Kahvesi",