Sending the Prepared Request

Sending the Prepared Request

  • The x-api-key, x-api-secret and x-api-consumer information of the related restaurant is entered in the header field of the http request, and the order object is prepared as in the example, and the final stage is reached.

  • What needs to be done from here on is just to send the prepared request to the specified endpoint address.

  • The request should be sent with the POST method.


Request Header Parameters

x-api-keyAPI key of your accountstring
x-api-secretAPI Secret key of your accountstring
x-api-consumerIntegrator restaurant/company namestring
Example Request
curl -X POST
Example Response
  "Status": 100,
  "Message": "İşlem Başarılı",
  "OrderId": 1144,
  "OrderTotal": 120.00,
  "Discount": 0,
  "InsertedDate": "2022-06-12T19:33:12.033"